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List and A little review.
Friday, 13 September 2013 ° 0 comments
so here's the thing.

Hello :D to be honest, i know i'm here once in a blue moon, and it's a very pleasant(?) surprise that i'm posting an entry. The main point is that, i'm here for a good news or something delight?

As all you know me, well some of them, maybe, know that i'm your pmr last batch and i'm stuck with pile of book in my room and oh my god it's a really mess. I don't want to mess up my brain, mixing some of my fanfic and the thing i've studied together cause i'm already mess up will all the thing happen in my life and i hope i wouldn't have mind a bit of it. What sucks the most is that i have a long list of fanfic i wrote are on queue but never had a chance to re-edit/re-write/read it besides there's still a few fics that I wrote in my mindcrosoft word (see what i did there lol) and so i'm gonna officially tell you i'm continuing my fanfic until pmr papers bid me goodbye (more like i bid them a goodbye)

and surprise, gonna do some poster request (if im in the mood or forgot how lazy i am haha) and a manga/fanfic review. had a bunch of manga on my bookmark but never had the chance to read it, thats include some of the fanfic.

//warning starting from today and forever, this blog is mainly for yaoi that's include my fanfic, manga and others fanfic so bare with it, if you hated yaoi so much pls consider weather you'll visit this blog or just never came here in the first place bye//
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