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[M] Review: Rutta to Kodama
Thursday, 10 October 2013 ° 0 comments
Warning, this is a rated M manga, if you can't handle any yaoi and so on, I highly suggest you to not even read this.

Title: Rutta to Kodama
Genre: Romance, School Life, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Status: Completed
Rate: 8/10

Synopsis: Rutta changed from a delinquent to a nice guy because of his new roommate, Miyagi Kodama. Kodama was unsure of his own feelings after Rutta’s confession. After seeing Rutta’s injuries caused from excessive fighting, Kodama finally decided to face the truth and accepted him.

Author's review:
Well first of all, this story is freaking amazing even so, it's actually contain too much yaoi scene, but nevertheless, it's great. It  touches me, seeing how Kodama is a jealous person and is still confuse about his feeling. Even so, as time past, he realize how important Rutta is to him. However, as the boy he is, he felt insecure, he wanted to feel loved, he wasn't even sure if he really should be in the position of 'Rutta's boyfriend' as he always sees how some girls confess to Rutta, but in the end, it was still him Rutta choose. It's really romantic how Rutta is being really protective towards Kodama, and everything he do, is for the sake of Kodama's love. Rutta is actually a jealousy type of a person, he, himself even felt insecure when a girl tried to confess to Kodama and sadly rejected her.

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