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"I care"
Friday, 1 August 2014 ° 0 comments
Genre: Angst, Yaoi
Pairing: VHope (Taehyung, Hoseok)
Words:  334
Synopsis: All Hoseok wanted for Taehyung was to stop, but Taehyung didn't even try.

"Stop that", Hoseok intervene when Taehyung started to lit up the cancer stick.

"I hope I can", Taehyung laugh sucking out the bottom of the cigarette and puff it out towards Hoseok making him cough and cringe.

"Why? I know it's hard to quite things when it became a habitual to you but if we try, maybe, just maybe you could" Hoseok had his arm cross and head tilt while Taehyung still had his cancer stick in between his lips.

"I wish I could give much shit to your word of wisdom", He smirk with white smoke escaping its way out of his nose and mouth. Hoseok look up, eyeing the infinite amount of stars on the dark night, couldn't bear watching Taehyung suck another smoke.

"Because I care", Hoseok bit his bottom lips and clench his fist tight. The other had his cigarette in between his index and middle finger with his head tilt.

"Pardon?", Taehyung blink innocently at him as the other groan. Hoseok couldn't hold it, he couldn't hold how deliberate Taehyung can be, how he couldn't care less anything that happen to him, how he always had himself on danger.

"You heard me, I care, I care about you, about how the poisonous stick could hurt you, about how dangerous it was, about how it doesn't help you release your stress, about how cruel you are to yourself. I care, everything, about you", He heave his breath, shoulder slumping down feeling relief. Taehyung raise his brows as he took one last puff and throw it on the ground, stepping on it making the light fade.

"I've commit a lot of sin"

Stop, Hoseok thought.

"And this is how I punish myself"

No you're wrong, Hoseok shook his head.

"So" Taehyung took one last glance at Hoseok and chuckle.

"Stop caring" Taehyung turn his back to Hoseok and stride away, leaving Hoseok behind. The latter remain motionless, only tears had the guts to drop gracefully on Hoseok's cheeks.

"I can't"

Hoseok stood on his knees.

"Because I love you"

He whisper.


Here goes another short story. I was currently planning on doing a taekook two shot fic since my friend, yana had been asking me to finish doing it soon but lmao, since you're talking about me i've never finish anything that i've left, either homework or idk anything (except eating theres no way im eating and not finishing it), anyway i'll try and finish is soon. I've currently been thinking on doing two fics right now so might as well do it quickly before exam started (which is one week for now omg!!!). And yes an angst vhope, just like kei favour it, angst and tears (well obviously this fic doesnt brought tears since its short) and it was inspire by a tumblr who reblog people smoking, which is actually a great picture but not the smoking part. This is actually a quick post and the happy vhope gif doesn't reflect how sad the story is but yeah other gifs wouldn't want to load and my wifi is a slow bitch. Sorry for the grammar and the way of me describing them since i'm still trying to learn new things on writing and i'm guessing i haven't reach the top yet? wtv i try.

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