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i hate you?
Wednesday, 3 September 2014 ° 0 comments
Genre: Fluff, Yaoi
Pairing: Yoonmin (Yoongi, Jimin)
Words:  341
Synopsis: Yoongi was sure of himself that Jimin was his enemy, but he couldn't call it a fact when the other had his grin all over his face.

Jimin. Hearing the sound of the J alphabet makes Yoongi's ears red in anger. The hatred feeling was beyond infinite and wondering why does even Yoongi had a weird allergic towards the J alphabet was an obvious answer.

Jimin and Yoongi, weren't meant to be on the same sentences. Jimin was too bright, too bright for Yoongi's liking. He was dark, too dark to be consider blind in sight. 

When Jimin walk pass his class, Yoongi groans. What's more daring is that, Jimin once smiled at Yoongi, his eyes crescent in shape, teeth showing perfectly white and Yoongi couldn't help but betrayed himself and stares.

During recess, Yoongi promise to hate himself for the rest of his life. He took Jimin's arm and drag him to the rooftop. People were staring and Jimin was wincing in pain nevertheless he didn't stop.

At the rooftop, Yoongi pulled Jimin's arm and push his shoulder until the others back meet the hard wall. 

"What the hell"

Jimin wince as Yoongi trap the other between his arms. 

"I hate you"

He said, nearing his face towards the others, nose almost touching. Yoongi felt Jimin's hot breath against his lips. Jimin were confuse, his eyebrows were pinch together while bitting his lips.

"I really hate you"

Yoongi ended there as he close the distance between them, kissing Jimin who currently in daze. Yoongi's eyes close tight and so does the others.

Jimin move both of his hand from Yoongi's torso to the others neck, lacing both of his fingers together behind Yoongi's neck, deepening the kiss.

The feeling, Yoongi hated it. The butterfly on his stomach, the sound of the firework playing like a background music, head spinning with different emotion.

The kiss ended too quickly Yoongi thought. Slowly he opened his eyes, carefully watching Jimin's reaction. And then he was blind, blinded by the others bright smile. Hand behind his neck was long gone and were now resting on his torso.

"I still hate you"

Yoongi smirk, thumb playing with Jimin's bottom lips, caressing it.
Yeah i'm sorry I got caught up on this otp i just need at least a drabble or a oneshot of mine on this blog. Anyway this is really an unplanned story just cause i'm bored right now and idk i think i should just update my personal blog or do something useful mehh bye maybe going to delete this or just never touch it idk up to me

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