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7 Shades of Min Yoongi
Thursday, 26 November 2015 ° 0 comments
Genre: Fluff, Yaoi
Pairing: Yoonmin (Yoongi, Jimin)
Words:  861
Synopsis: In which Jimin thought that describing Yoongi using colours was easier.

Min Yoongi is red. Jimin figure, when the said boy stood in front of him with brows knitted together and face painted with enraged.
"It’s an accident. How can I even predict you would be standing there holding milk? What’s the big deal?"
Jimin shrug at the matter. Frankly speaking, he doesn't want to show how terrified he was standing in front of the infamous Min Yoongi everyone tattles about. Is he going to beat me? Kill me? Burn me alive? Ridicules thought went through Jimin's mind, he almost laugh at himself for being irrelevant. Yoongi let out a groan and walk away, living the remaining milk in the dustbin. Making Jimin and the others surprise.

Min Yoongi is blue. Jimin sadly thought when he saw the latter kneel in front of a grave; his stern eyes soften as tears flow down slowly on his pale cheeks. Jimin wanting nothing but to to wipe the sorrow tears away.
He begins to cry again as well, remembering why he could be in a place where dead bodies were buried- where his grandmother who he dearly love were just minutes ago.
He knew the tears that flow down from the corner of his eyes wasn't only dedicate to his grandmother but to the latter who doesn't have a shoulder he could lean on to soothes the sorrow away.

Min Yoongi is purple. Jimin laugh when he saw the other in a weird clown cloth, face painted in white with scarlet lips and a big red nose. He grumpily put the red, afro wig on his head, to finish the last touch on the prompt for the costume he were force on.
Yoongi tried to juggle 5 balls but conversely failed. People started to jeer when 3 balls fall off his hand. Yoongi tried to pick the second ball up after the first when he accidently step on it and had himself on the ground.
The wild jeers soon turn into a loud guffaw. Some were holding onto their stomach from the hard laugh and others were wiping a droplet of tears at the corner of their eyes. Everyone might not notice it but Jimin saw the little smile Yoongi had on his lips which surprise him since the latter wouldn't move a muscle to smile. Jimin had to admit, he had the prettiest smile everyone could ever flash. And no, he didn’t tend to exaggerate it.

Min Yoongi is yellow. Jimin eyed the latter, who was holding the children’s books. He secretly ide behind the book shelve.
Jimin never knew that taking a summer job at the kindergarten would lead himself spying over Yoongi being silly in front of the children whose really enthusiast on Yoongi's story telling session. Sometime when he dubs the dragon's voice the children would shriek, other time when he changes his raspy tone into girly one the children cackle. Yoongi had never failed to surprise Jimin every day and Jimin like it.

Min Yoongi is pink. Jimin tilt his head when he saw Yoongi sitting under the tree holding a box of pizza. He gnaws on his bottom lips looking anxious and nervous and Jimin never knew why. He was there because the letter in his locker said so. Then Jimin realize something, it was the exact same time the mystery letter told him to be there. And Yoongi was there. Jimin look at Yoongi who look around like a lost puppy. He giggles. Too cliché for me, he thought.

Min Yoongi is orange. Jimin thought putting a prank on him when he was a sleep was a fun thing, frankly say it wasn't. The latter woke up on the wrong side of bed and Jimin had his day spend with doing everything Yoongi told him. Well, he is sure he never had such boyfriend who treats their lover like that, but with Yoongi? There’s always an exception with him. But Jimin is ok with that, when he also spent the rest of his day laughing his ass off at the remaining ink on the other's philtrum. Yoongi, the rest of his day were frowning and cursing but he didn't care nor was he guilty for it. He could magically sweep the frown off for an instant and Yoongi knew it too.

Min Yoongi is white. All Jimin could see walking through the aisle, fingers wrapping delicately around the neatly wrapped flower. Yoongi was trying to bite down the smile as he saw Jimin walking towards him. Jimin successfully made it beside Yoongi as they both set for the vow. Yoongi mumble sweet things towards the other's ear making Jimin chuckle, trying to brush away the blushing on his cheeks. as they exchange 'i do's' towards each other, Yoongi took the flower from Jimin's hand as he threw it away, guiding the other's hand to his neck. Jimin took the signal as he wrap his finger together tightly behind Yoongi's neck as Yoongi hold the other's waist. Yoongi drag his 'official' husband closer as they both kiss. People clapping and roaring could be heard behind them but not that Jimin took notice of it, especially when he is officially Yoongi's forever.


Took me years, YEARS to update this. I'm so ashame of myself. eventhough i knew this blog is empty i still had the need to let my desire control me and obviously this is an obvious way to improve my writing. i'm going to end my exam on this 30th (yeah exam isnt over yet) and load of unfinished fics were save in draft. i am seriously spending my time with dictionary, books and writing. that's what my life is wohooo!!!! sorry for grammar and typo's, learning stuff takes time and English ain't easy for someone who's no born with an English tongue. note tho, the wedding shit and aisle stuff, i dont really know so damn if i was wrong about it i'm sorry. i am that one who likes to do some research before writing it down but due to personal issue, i'll write it using my knowledge.

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