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[M] recommendation: LUXE
Thursday, 17 December 2015 ° 0 comments
Title: LUXE
Synopsis: Welcome to LUXE, where you can indulge your wildest pleasures...
Genre: NC-17, Slight-Fluff, Slight-Angst, Yaoi
Pairing: Taekook

Why do I recommend this?:
ok so literally read the fanfic the whole night and i manage to sleep at 5 in the morning after finishing it. considering how i made sleeping as my first priority, this fics manage to beat it off because it became my first priority. i'm literally hook up by the author's fics! i swear i am. i end up reading almost all of her fics. it was beyond beautiful, it was beyond wonderful either!

ok before i even started my reason of recommending this fics, i recommend anyone who isn't in for daddykink, heavy sexual, all the bdsm shit and stuff, you may leave (lmao) cause the story seriously had like 90% of it and i wouldn't want to ruin your innocent (because honestly, i wish i was the innocent one here sobs).

anyway move on. the fanfics had me in mix of emotion. all the butterfly in my tummy was working its way when i read the whole story. the feelings that bottle up on my stomach had me coughing because it was too good. exactly what i wanted to read after a tiring day dealing with the world. i literally shut myself up after doing everything i had to do and spend reading everything in one go.

i'm in love, was the exact word after ending the story. i wasn't expecting the story to turn a 360 degree seeming how the synopsis itself tells a little less about how the whole story would be like.

i was glad i had let my curiosity kills the cat. at first i would pass by the fic a few times and spending time scrolling through the page not knowing what to read anymore, had me settle myself on reading this.

i couldn't elaborate anything more about my love towards this fic and i really wanted you guys to try and love it too. because i'm for sure you guys would thank me for it. so i'm going to end it here. i knew i hadn't given enough reason why do you guys had to read this but there's no other than to just click on it and try it yourself.

btw i had this urge to submit load of fics from my draft but i'm scared. i'm not too confident on submitting on aff considering how i'm not someone who easily accept harsh critique :// (how am i suppose to be a writer if i'm being like this geez)

overall, i would apologise if typo had made it ways on each of the paragraph as i have no will power to try and correct it because probably i don't know what mistake i have made (roll eyes)

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