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Friday, 22 April 2016 ° 0 comments
Genre: Hmm Bodyguard?, Idk there isnt flulff, Yaoi
Pairing: Showhyuk (Shownu, Minhyuk)
Words:  606
Synopsis: In which Minhyuk steals a pie, and Hyunwoo really aren't a quitter, literally.

"what? cat got your tongue?"

minhyuk scoff as he look around. he swear it was all save and clear for him to steal the delicious looking pie and if he didn't forget to steal his dad money before running out of the house too he wouldn't be caught up and by the time he seat on the bench nearby he could be enjoying the pie.

"let him go"

minhyuk and the fat ass pie owner had their attention on the person interrupting the fuss minhyuk create.

"and let him have the pie too? fuck off", the fat pie owner said as minhyuk laugh.

"the fuck are you laughing for?"

"i don't know, you make your pie sounded too precious when honestly you can make another one and beside i only steal one. attention whore"

and minhyuk hiss in pain when the pie owner dig his nail onto his skin.

"here, i'm paying for the pie", the guy said handing out the exact price for the pie to the pie owner as he took the money out from the other hand and let minhyuk wrist go.

minhyuk groan as he rub on the stinging skin.

"i swear the next time we met again and you're stealing my pie, i cut your head off", the pie owner shout as he went into his bakery again.

"try me on that fucktard" minhyuk shout back, then he glare at the person whose paying on his stolen pie.

"did my father sent you here?" minhyuk eye him closely. the other nodded his head as they both stare at each other, or in minhyuk case, glaring.



"ok listen here hyunwoo, go back home to my father and say to him i don't need his help and just keep an eye on himself because for fuck sake he's not even save himself"

minhyuk smirk, arm crossing as he look at hyunwoo who only staring blankly at him. minhyuk brow knitted together seeing how hyunwoo didn't even budge to move.

"havent you heard me?"

"loud and clear", hyunwoo respond and minhyuk groan at how steady the other voice is. usually his old body guard would quiver and left as soon as he speak, but this fussy guy aren't taking any of his barking well.

minhyuk turn on his heel and ready to walk off when he turn one last time to look at the guy his father had pay to keep an eye on him.

and minhyuk think it was stupid because he's not even 5 years old anymore, he's 19 for fuck sake.

"go home and don't come and search for me", minhyuk say one last time as he walk away. he smile looking at the pie on his hand and sunk his teeth onto the pastry, he stop walking when he heard the loud footstep. he turn around, eyebrows knit together while shallowing the pie.

hyunwoo look straight into his eye and minhyuk had to admit, it kind of make him shiver on his spine at how intense the staring look.

"my job is to protect you therefore i'm not going anywhere, not even when you threaten me to kill me and try to make me quit my job because i won't quit nor i even thought about trying to"

minhyuk felt a tug on his heart upon hearing the other's statement as he try not to choke on his pie.

what the hell, he thought, mad. not that he felt mad at what the other said but mad at how his heart beating slowly unintended.

and did minhyuk mention how hot his current guard is under those suit?

well fuck.


since there's no monsta x fanfic in this blog, why not. plus i'm so fucking nervous right now i could sweat a whole bucket. and seriously my heart couldn't stop beating.

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