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Genre: Car drive!au, Yaoi, Fluff
Pairing: DaiSuga (Daichi x Suga)
Type: Drabble
Synopsis: In which daichi and suga rode together for the first time and suga insist on playing his playlist. daichi couldn't argue.

"ok but i'm going to argue until the end that i'm going to play my song, whether you like it or not"

daichi jam his key on, starting on the engine. suga already had his usb connected to his phone and daichi knew arguing wasn't an option anymore.

"pray for my ear along the ride, i need that"

suga grin as he stick his tongue out. he press on the play button as he place his phone on the holder, which suga remind himself to thank daichi for thinking that the phone holder is convenient.

"listen to this and you'll be a new person"

daichi laugh as suga gave him a wink.

"hey, may i?"

daichi look at where suga was pointing- the power window button- as he nodded. suga thank the latter as he press on it. slowly the window lowered down as suga pop his left hand out.


"i will, dad"

daichi roll his eyes while suga chuckles.

the song start to fill the silence space in the car. daichi look through his side only to see suga closing his eyes, taking in the wind and enjoying the music.

daichi didn't know if he was surprise or he had it coming, but suga listening to indie wasn't what his least expected.

but then again suga was always the definition of what you least expected.

"i'm surprise you listen to this kind of song"

"who do you think i am, a taylor swift kind of guy?"

"if it doesn't offend you in any way yes?"

"shut up and just listen"

daichi saw the small pout on suga's lips as he snicker, trying not to laugh at how the latter look. and still daichi couldn't believe at his choice of music.

"this song, i had been playing it every time i'm on a ride. its not generally just this song, i mean i don't know, i'm sure you're curious too, why indie of all genre?"

"well, if you're talking about being curious, it's not just your taste in music, everything about you kept me curious"

suga turn to daichi as he grin, chuckling as his head bob up and down, enjoying through the music. 

suga sing along through a few verse while still moving his head from side to side, and daichi couldn't help but smile, except that he's not smiling for how silly suga looks right now, but how in love he was with the person beside him.

"i bet you at the end of this ride you'll probably ask for my playlist and end up deleting your playlist"

"i'm never giving up my taylor swift playlist"

"aha! so you are the taylor swift kind of guy"

they both laugh in unison.

daichi would have know, suga didn't have to bet. as soon as they arrive and suga stop the playlist, he'll definitely listen to the song unknowingly. because suga likes it and daichi likes how suga does.

heyyyyy, its been years and here i come with a haikyuu otp drabble lmao. honestly if you love anime you should really love haikyuu, like it had been so far my no.1 anime. lmao anyway i dont really listen to indie but i was opening ytb and got bored and open some music and suddenly got into indie lmao. anyway i was listening to this song while writing this so idk up to the taste and how fast ur wifi is lol. bye i feel rusty i hate my bad grammar sobs.

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